Minggu, 16 November 2014

Making ICT-Based Learning Media

Before using the media, we should first prepare the most suitable medium to be used. Must be adjusted to the competence and objectives to be achieved. For example, students will perform the rote words suitable media is the use of audio media. And when tujuannnya is to understand the content of reading the print media is used. While the medium of film can be used to explain the nature of motor learning. On the other hand there are some aspects that underlie the use of the media, the state of the learner, cost, efficiency, technical quality, and availability.

Use of the media in ICT-based learning is not easy. There are several techniques that must be considered in the use of media, it is that the media can be put to good use in accordance with the purpose of the media.

According to Arief S. Sadiman (1996: 83) that there are two types of media so that the media groups and media design. So the media is media that is ready to use and the design of media is media that is to be designed in advance. From the explanation that the LCD and computer media is a medium draft prepared in its use. The use of this medium should attract the attention of students.

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